Tips on writing blog

Blogs are great for internet marketing. However, it’s important that you do it correctly or your blog will just be another unfound website on the internet.

Don’t expect to make money overnight. Too many bloggers fall prey to wild claims made by internet “experts” who offer one click instant wealth programs. A good blog takes research, effort and time.

Tips on writing blog

1. Pick a topic (or niche). To start, it’s usually easier to choose a topic you are interested in. Don’t worry too much about how many other people are blogging about this topic, use your interest in the topic as a source of inspiration.

2. Pick a platform. There are plenty of free blogging platform sites that you can use, such as Do a Google search for “free blogs” and you will come up with plenty to choose from. the two largest are (operated by Google) and Free WordPress. The best paid platform for blogging is wordpress (not the free site). While you need to purchase a domain name and hosting to use this platform, wordpress gives you unlimited options for design, layout and most importantly (if you are blogging to make money), options to monitize you blog in very creative ways.


Writing Blog

Your next step is decided by your platform choice. If you have decided to go with a free service you will be guided through their set up process and then taken to the blog platform area. Here you can choose from a handful of templates (designs) for you blog and one or two options to monitize your site, usually Google Adsense and the Amazon affiliate program. Be sure to sign up for both and fill in the appropriate codes (don’t worry, it’s free and simple to do).

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