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The terse poetry of Alexis Kennedy’s Cultist Simulator card game

The greater part of Alexis Kennedy’s diversions look into the gem bundle of frenzy, and Cultist Simulator is the same. He’s best known as the originator of the outside the box studio Failbetter Games, where he made and composed content substantial titles like Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Barely a year back, he cleared out Failbetter to frame Weather Factory, ...

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    I’ve happily spent $70 on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds microtransactions

    You don’t need to spend any cash in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to get the full gameplay encounter in the wake of buying it at its $30 cost on Steam, however I’ve had a decent time doing as such. I’ve likewise had some good times profiting back through the Steam Marketplace, where I can pitch advanced things to different players. This dynamic ...

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