A few people don’t need standard wired mice, yet most remote alternatives aren’t extraordinary for gaming. Razer tends to that with the new Lancehead, which is out now for $140. It’s costly, however I adore utilizing it since it performs well in serious minutes and never causes me any cerebral pains.

What you’ll lik

Feels, performs, and looks awesome

The Lancehead is agreeable. It has a decent heave in the bulbous piece of its body where you hold it with your palm. This gives it a feeling of energy when you are whipping it around your mouse cushion. I like that in light of the fact that Razer’s architects have planned the Lancehead to feel extraordinary and that bolsters into its execution also.

Razer additionally didn’t hold back on the materials. The highest point of the Lancehead is a smooth plastic that gives enough hold without locking your fingers up. When you need to hit the catches, you can expect predictable, exact responsiveness on account of these best plates, yet you won’t get a considerable measure of false positives since you’re attempting to move your pointer finger to the center mouse catch.

The majority of the information sources work this way. The side catches and the parchment wheel catch won’t ever get in your direction unless you need them to. A considerable measure of that is on account of the Lancehead is so tough in your grasp. The sides, where your thumb and ring finger grasp, have a furrowed elastic that guarantee the mouse doesn’t shake free regardless of the possibility that you’re not clutching it like a bad habit.

In any case, while these materials feel wonderful and add to execution, they additionally expert and premium. The catch plates have an unpretentious sparkle to their paint work that makes the whole Lancehead seem metallic, and the Chroma LED lighting on the sides, the center catch, and the logo all complement that impact pleasantly. The edges on the elastic grasps play off of the lighting and intelligent surfaces with something darker that adjusts the general outline.

It’s a top notch mouse in its cost, yet it looks, feels, and works like one, as well.

Effortlessly changes over from remote to wired

The Lancehead additionally has some awesome usefulness. The USB dongle stows away in the base of the unit behind a removable trap entryway. You can connect that to your PC, and it will start working quickly. Be that as it may, you can likewise still utilize the mouse over a wire. The charging link docks directly into the front of the mouse such that you won’t not realize that the Lancehead is remote. The link never comes free from the mouse, and it does’t stand out clumsily.

I’ve exchanged forward and backward between utilizing it in the two setups a few times, and it was never a bother. It’s practically odd to call it a remote mouse when it is impeccably equipped for filling in as a wired mouse at whatever point you need.

Remote tech that just works

In any case, on the off chance that you do lose the wire, the Lancehead won’t give you any issues. The mouse just works. I never saw a contrast between its wired or remote execution. Razer claims that it is utilizing its new “versatile recurrence innovation” to guarantee that the mouse remains associated with negligible impedance from different remote gadgets. In my testing, I never saw anything that appeared like a drop flag. It never felt less exact or responsive than any of the wired mouses that I utilize.

On the off chance that your house resembles mine, you have no less than twelve gadgets all going after a similar radio frequencies. That sort of impedance is truly observable on the off chance that you endeavor in-home spilling over your system. I needed to get a 5 Ghz switch to stream PlayStation 4 diversions to my tablet without slack, dropped edges, and ancient rarities — and still, at the end of the day I needed to move away some different gadgets to free up some space on that radio range. Those same sorts of issues can cause mistakes with a remote gaming mouse, yet Razer claims its restrictive AFT filtering highlight is continually changing to the cleanest channel flawlessly to limit those issues.

The greater part of that enchantment is going on out of sight, so you don’t have to know anything about it. It requires no set up — simply connect the USB dongle to, and you’re ready.

Presently, I don’t play at an abnormal state, and in the event that you can’t stand the possibility of a less solid remote mouse, Razer has a wired adaptation available to be purchased also. In any case, I think this mouse is more than fine for whatever remains of us.

What you won’t care for

Battery is frail

My protest about the Lancehead is that its battery doesn’t keep going that long with the LEDs on. Furthermore, you need to go into the Razer Synapse equipment to turn them off in the event that you have them on when you change from wired mode. I regularly lost charge in under a solitary work day. With the LEDs off, the mouse can last a great deal longer — a few days on end. Be that as it may, it doesn’t accompany a doc, so you need to connect it back to — and you may get yourself simply utilizing the Lancehead as a wired mouse more often than not.


It’s anything but difficult to go out and burn through $60 or $70 on a gaming mouse nowadays. The Lancehead is twice that, however you presumably definitely know whether you have to consider spending that much cash on this gadget. For the vast majority, a wired mouse is okay. For others, a more affordable remote alternative is absolutely feasible. In any case, in the event that you more likely than not wired-like execution without the real wire, at that point I can suggest hauling out the Mastercard for the Lancehead. It is justified regardless of the cost.

Razer furnished GamesBeat with an example unit for the reasons for this audit. The Lancehead is accessible now for $140.