How to Play Absolver: Tips and Tricks for the Aspiring Prospect

In Absolver, Sloclap and Devolver Digital’s cerebral hand to hand fighting amusement, you play as a Prospect wanting to battle your way to the holy status of Absolver. The battle framework is the diversion’s crown gem, and each progression you take and blow you arrive as you go through the baffling universe of Adal can be testing and compensating in level with measure.

Nonetheless, the amusement’s inalienable haziness may end up being a superfluous obstacle. We should reveal some insight into some of its murkier frameworks and mechanics.


Absolver is fundamentally a diversion that errands you with meandering an odd world and kung fu-ing your way into legend. This should enlighten you to the measure of fisticuffs you’ll be taking part in — here’s a breakdown of the nuts and bolts.



Battle Decks and Moves

The procedures you have accessible to you are administered by your Combat Deck. Your Combat Deck contains the full rundown of your chose assaults, and is the place you can redo your assault arrangements, and select and appoint elective assaults.

Arrangement strings can be up to three assaults in length, and can be modified to exploit speed, power, and situation, making combos with worked in misunderstandings and positional perplexity. Elective assaults are one-shot strikes that are incredible to toss in the middle of — or amidst — strings, to additionally mislead the foe. Singular assaults appear as a few styles of punch and kick. Vitally, many assaults have properties outside of just doing harm when they hit:

Assaults with the broken shield symbol are Breaking Attacks. They quit Charging Attacks, have substantial pushback when blocked, and can break the Kahlt’s assimilate.

  1. Assaults that have a blue shield symbol are Parrying Attacks, which can repel approaching blows when coordinated accurately.
  2. Assaults with the burst symbol are Stopping Attacks. They quit charging assaults.
  3. Assaults with a bolt symbol pointing right or left are Strafing Attacks. They can keep away from pushes and vertical assaults.
  4. Assaults with a bolt symbol pointing up are Jumping Attacks. They can keep away from low assaults.
  5. Assaults with a bolt pointing down are Ducking Attacks, which keep away from high assaults.

Every individual assault has a scaling framework a la Dark Souls outfit. Everything damages when you utilize it, however the way to doing the most harm most productively lies in preparing capacities in light of what you do well. Positioned from E to S, an assault will be more viable if its Strength, Dexterity, and Mobility scaling score is considered.

At the point when secured battle, there are four unique positions you can utilize, all which oversee the kind of option assaults and strings you release. Each move has a beginning position and a consummation position, so an assault that begins in the upper left segment of the matrix could place you in the base right area after it wraps up.

This implies your next assault or string will be founded on confronting base right. This is fundamentally the essence of the entire combo framework, and picking up a comprehension of how your strings and options can work into each other easily in light of the way you’re confronting is the contrast between catch pounding, and n00b stepping.

Adapting new assaults is as simple as getting into a ton of battles. At whatever point any foe utilizes an assault on you that you protect against, you’ll acquire some brief move xp. On the off chance that you win the battle, the brief xp winds up plainly changeless. At the point when a move’s xp gage is full, you’ve learned it.




Stamina is a colossal factor in how forceful you can be in battle. Every individual assault costs stamina to toss. You’ll be discounted a little segment of it when you associate with a blow neatly — however regardless it won’t keep going forever. Stamina is likewise essential while guarding, as each strike against your protect evacuates a piece. Run out while guarding, and you’ll be left vulnerable for a couple of moments while your rival has their way with you.

Guarding directly subsequent to tossing an assault will bluff the assault. Rather than the move executing, you’ll see a shadow form of yourself dispatch the assault while you sit inertly sitting tight for the following info. This is a super essential device for controlling the pace of battle and befuddling adversaries. It’s extraordinary for teasing out resistances and countering, or skipping to a greater move in your tie without the development.

Avoiding gives you a chance to move a short separation rapidly. It’s an extraordinary approach to discover openings in foe barriers, yet you can’t piece while avoiding, so be watchful with how you utilize it. Evading is particularly helpful for escaping intense circumstances including different aggressors. Try not to try too hard, however, as it costs a critical bit of stamina to execute.




There are three beginning styles of battle in Absolver, each with their own qualities and shortcomings. Styles decide your beginning arrangement of assaults, as well as give you particular detail rewards, and style-particular guarded capacities.

Benefit style is a free-streaming specialization in light of speed and versatility. It has low harm yield and stamina at first, yet recovers stamina speedier than some other style. Its guarded capacity is maintain a strategic distance from, which enables you to avoid approaching assaults rapidly and effectively by backing them off a bit. Maintain a strategic distance from works in four ways – up, down, left, and right, which enables protectors to dodge under high assaults and skirt clears, and in addition slip from side to side. Note that when evading left and right, you may even now be helpless against clearing roundhouse kicks and enormous circling snares.

Neglected style is an adjust of energy and speed, which can be adjusted to any given circumstance. Harm yield is the most noteworthy, yet stamina recovery is poor. Its guarded capacity is repel, enabling Forsaken specialists to quit approaching aggressors in their tracks. Repel works in two ways, left and right, and when you get at the ideal time, the activity will shriek to a stop for a moment, giving you sufficient chance to misuse the opening. On the off chance that you miss the repel, you’ll be uncovered for quick and emotional discipline. Parried moves give more move xp than a clear piece.

Kahlt style contenders are stoic and sensational power strikers who are customized to climate the tempest of substantial offense. They are moderate, yet have high wellbeing and stamina, and can do significant harm. Their cautious capacity is ingest, an aptitude that enables them to take passes up them. Without a need to coordinate directional signals, Kahlt warriors streak blue and take the approaching hit as though it never happened. Regardless they get the harm, however they can recapture the wellbeing lost via landing blows on the rival. This absorptive shield can be avoided with protect breaking procedures and capacities.




Outside of your different assault strings and option assaults, everybody can likewise learn powers. Forces can change the tide of fight utilizing capacities past essentially punching and kicking. They cost Tension Shards to cast, which are minimal brilliant focuses that buoy around your midriff when you battle. Every system costs diverse measures of Tension, which can be picked up in the warmth of fight by assaulting and blocking effectively.

Shockwave lets free an impact that swells outwards, pushing foes away, and recovering some stamina. It costs 1 shard to cast.

  1. Seismic tremor shocks everybody inside the territory around the caster, while likewise allowing them an absorptive shield like the Kahlt style contender. It costs 2 shards.
  2. Recuperate awards the caster a little burst of wellbeing, and additionally some regen. Each fruitful blow recuperates more life back, and the impact closes once you’re hit. It costs 2 shards.
  3. Gravity dazes your rival, abandoning them open for substantial harm. It additionally moderates the foe’s stamina regen for some time. It costs 2 shards.
  4. Fumes makes foe moves cost more stamina to perform. It costs 3 shards
  5. Shield gives a defensive obstruction around the caster that decreases how much harm and knockback is taken for a brief timeframe. It costs 3 shards.
  6. Quiet prevents adversaries from utilizing their pressure shards in battle. It costs 3 shards.


Something unique you’ll be doing in Absolver just marginally less frequently than battling is getting gear. Weapons and protective layer are littered all around Adal, simply holding up to be grabbed up by a Prospect like you.




The majority of the defensive layer you’ll pick up in your journey is gotten from fallen foes. On the off chance that a gold sphere lays on the ground where the foe’s body used to be, at that point communicating with it will give you a bit of defensive layer. Drops are randomized, so there’s no incredible approach to get particular pieces without great, antiquated granulating.

Defensive layer covers numerous diverse parts of the body, what’s more being classy, it offers assurance against harm. Two unique sorts, to be particular; limit and cut. Limit harm is the kind you’ll be taking from clench hand and feet. Cut harm is the thing that you take from swords.

Failing up and securing yourself with high detail outfit is an allurement, however consider this — all rigging, from a veil to a couple of shoes, has weight. Weight influences portability, which influences evade speed and assault harm. The more you wear, the slower you are, and the gentler you hit. Striking a harmony amongst offense and resistance is an extensive factor in winning and losing in Absolver.




There are two weapon sorts in Absolver, swords and war gloves. Both have their own individual uses, downsides, and qualities.

Swords do cut harm, and can chip through gatekeepers, which means you’ll generally take some type of harm from a sword in the event that you don’t evade it. Swords have their own moveset, so their strings and interchanges are not the same as when you battle with practically nothing. You’ll in the long run get a sword that has a place with you, however you can discover swords and sword-like things hanging out in stumps or rock heaps crosswise over Adal.

War gloves combine limit and cut harm, yet do less cut harm than a sword. They do help moderate cut harm while guarding against a sword while prepared, however. Likewise, your whole unarmed moveset is accessible when wearing them, and they have their own particular battle deck to redo. You open them early, and they can turn into a genuine staple in your offense.

All weapons can be incapacitated after expanded utilize. Discovered swords break after some time, while your summoned weapons have an utilization restrain before being returned on cooldown.



General Tips

  1. When meandering Adal looking for transcendence, here are a few things you should remember.
  2. Just two individuals can join your amusement at once. When going through various zones, the general population you’ve experienced might be pivoted out for another arrangement of players.
  3. Notwithstanding when not formally tested to a duel, players can assault each other. Agreeable fire is a comment, as rehashed coincidental hits to party mates will make a battle begin.
  4. There is a concealed fourth battling style, Swagger Style, that can be gained from a mystery rival who will generate around the Tower of Adal after you achieve a specific level.
  5. Battle Trials are something beyond 1v1 PVP duels, and will be a substantial piece of the amusement subsequent to beating the Marked Ones. Step up in it picks up you many prizes.

All things considered, don’t race into it. You will be deficient in systems right off the bat and it would incredibly become you to circled and battle hordes however much as could reasonably be expected first to take in the ropes (and new moves).

Stream is a framework worth acing. When you assault, a couple of bolts will show up on your stamina bar. On the off chance that you assault in a state of harmony with the moving bar as it crosses those bolts, your next assault will dispatch quicker. This can be affixed consecutive for whatever length of time that you have stamina to do as such, at times called goldchaining.

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