Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment


Super chilly stockpiling equipment is ordinarily required for providers of a lot of produce, for example, the meat business. With uber cold stockpiling units the temperature can change between – 35c to + 35c. This huge scale equipment is frequently utilized for chilling and solidifying sustenance things.



Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment units can contain remote temperature observing, so as to guarantee that items being put away stay at the correct temperature. This can be introduced in both static and compact holders.

With Remote Euroscan Temperature checking you can get to information through any web association. The innovation additionally empowers revealing usefulness and brought together information documenting. Reports can be altered to explicit necessities.

Just as refrigerated equipment, impact freezers can likewise be provided for commercial refrigeration. These are accessible in a scope of various sizes and limits. They are at times housed in delivery compartments, so can be shipped if necessary.

Compartment refrigeration units can likewise be put away outside, alongside a structure. They are perfect for shoot solidifying of fish, meat and cake items or complete prepared dinners.

So on the off chance that you are searching for commercial refrigeration on a mega or progressively versatile scale, there are loads of alternatives to look over to guarantee your provisions and produce are kept at the ideal temperature.

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