How to Get a Sworn Translation of Your Doc in Italy

A sworn translated document is required when you need to swear that the items in the translated document match the original text. A sworn translation has exactly the same legal value as the cause document.

When a translation is sworn, the translator officially swears before a notary or perhaps the Italian courts as to the document’s accuracy and fidelity. Pursuant to Italian law, translators providing sworn translations offer several onerous responsibilities, which includes criminal liability in the case of inaccurate translations and incorrect data resulting from erroneous translations.

Which texts could require a sworn translation?

certificates of registration with the Chamber of Commerce
deeds of incorporation
deeds of sale made for the buy or perhaps sale of Italian property/real estate
certificates of ownership
divorce certificates
marriage certificates
death certificates, inheritance documents etc
school and university diplomas
driving licences
rulings How’s a translation “sworn”?
In true of written documents sworn in court, the translator has to:

a) convert the document

b) make use of the source text and its translation to the local Court of Justice. The swearing of a one page document can sometimes take most of the morning.

c) spot a signature on an oath confirming the reliability and fidelity of the translation

d) create a “marca da bollo” tax stamp of EUR14.62 for each 4 pages translated (with some exemptions)

In some instances, the translation may be for a legitimate document, which must certanly be sworn in front of a notary and the oath will be written in to both source document plus its legal translations. A good example would be the deed of sale on Italian real estate: the translator needs to be present at the signing (“il rogito notarile”) to interpret for all the people, and sign the deeds together with buyer, vendor, notary as well as witnesses. In Certified translation services to time spent converting the documents, the real signing procedure before the notary usually requires no less than two or even three hours, as all text should be read aloud in both italian and English, and the documents signed in front of witnesses.

Exactly how much do sworn translations cost?

Along with the typical translation rate (translators typically charge per word, per line, or perhaps per “page” of 1500 characters), you will likely be charged sometimes an hourly fee of the translator to visit the court, queue, fill in styles etc, and a flat fee for the “sworn” element (after many, the translator is taking legal responsibility with criminal responsibility for his or even her work). Alternatively, the translator or translation agency might charge per document, along with the normal translation rate. A sworn translation can easily be performed in a morning, but in case it’s truly urgent, remember some courts are just open on some mornings for sworn translations, and additionally you need to take into account time needed for a careful translation. As a standard law, allow at least 1 day per 2000 words being translated, allowing likewise for the translator’s availability. A surcharge may be made use of for really urgent translations, or perhaps translations with a faster rate than 2000 words each day required.

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