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As a Roofing Contractor we know how important it is for you to remain competitive, save money, meet deadlines and get projects done quickly between spells of adverse weather conditions.

Prelasti is the most technologically advanced waterproofing system available which can offer you many benefits over conventional and other waterproofing systems. Using Prelasti will save you time and money through reducing the amount of labor required making you more efficient and competitive, while increasing your profit margins.

Prelasti will also save you time and labor intensive work by removing joining, as it is made to measure with joins being vulcanized during manufacture in the factory. This means the joins or seams are guaranteed to be as strong as the EPDM membrane itself, ultimately leading to less workmanship issues which can be seen with other waterproofing systems.

Pro Flat Roofing Ltd are the sole suppliers of Prelasti EPDM in the NC and are happy to supply roofing contractors with Prelasti and all necessary materials needed to fix Prelasti to your client’s roof. We do not just supply you with the Prelasti EPDM but provide a full service of support and training as required at no further charge.

Prelasti’s installation is quick and easy to learn. Roofing Contractors Charlotte NC can provide full training to the manufacturer’s instructions by inviting you to join our fitters on site (providing you have the necessary insurances) and will of course provided free phone support should you ever run into any issues during your own on site works when using Prelasti.

To top it all off Prelasti can be fitted in some adverse weather conditions where other roofing systems would be rained off (helping ensure you meet deadlines), comes with a 20 year guarantee on its membrane and can be manufactured and delivered in 2-3 days in most cases.


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