Best Shoulder Pads

A Football Equipment Set is incomplete without a set of good fitting, durable Football Shoulder Pads. Outside of the helmet, the shoulder pads are arguably the next most important purchase you will make during your equipment selection process.

On this Football Shoulder Pads websites, we aim to help you find the best set of shoulder pads for your size and position. Whether you are looking for Youth Football Shoulder Pads, or Position specific shoulder pads, you’ve found the right spot!

Because each position is unique and has different demands, this website contains some of the best pads specifically designed to fit with the intricacies of the position. Quarterbacks need to remain mobile and therefore need lighter shoulder pads. However, positions like Offensive Line need to wear larger pads to avoid injuries involved with the large amount of contact they will ensure in games and in practice. We also carry generic shoulder pads in case you play multiple positions or are a casual football player that does not require any specific tailoring.


Brands of Football Shoulder Pads
This website features some of the top brands of Shoulder Pads in the football industry. Brands such as Adams, Douglas, Rawlings, Schutt, Under Armour and Wilson all offer unique variations on shoulder pads. It’s up to you, the consumer, to decide which meet both your needs and budget.

Football Shoulder Pad Specifications
It’s hard to believe that way back when people played sports with little or no protection. In fact, many earlier versions of football were played without shoulder pads! As you can expect, without wearing shoulder pads, numerous catastrophic injuries can occur. We’ve come a long way as a society in many areas and shoulder pads are no exception. Early versions of shoulder pads simply consisted of thin sewn leather pieces. Nowadays, equipment innovations have taken place to ensure that the player is always as protected as possible.

Football Shoulder Pads, like any other sport shoulder pads, are constructed with a hard plastic shell on the outside along with absorbing foam on the inside. This allows the player to feel as little as possible when absorbing a hit or falling onto the ground. Recent technologies have also been applied to allow cool air to enter through the pads allowing the player to not feel very hot carrying around extra equipment.

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