According to Kevin Conroy, There Won’t Be Any More Arkham Games

In case you’re an aficionado of the fantastic arrangement of Batman diversions from Warner Bros., you may be a little baffled after performing artist Kevin Conroy’s remarks amid Nashville’s Wizard World Comic Con a week ago. As indicated by Conroy, there won’t be some other diversions in the arrangement, as it appears the engineer and distributer are done with them.

A group part balanced the inquiry to Conroy amid a board, inquiring as to whether Warner Bros. was working diligently on the following amusement in the Arkham arrangement or if there would have been plans to extend the ones presently out there. Conroy answered: “You know, I can hardly imagine how they’re not going to do another, but rather they’re most certainly not. Isn’t that stunning? It’s… they made truly billions of dollars on those recreations. However, no, there’s no arrangement to do another. Too bad.”


Twinfinite has connected for input on the issue. On the off chance that this is in fact genuine, it’s lamentably the finish of a standout amongst other lines of Batman activity recreations out there. Maybe it doesn’t need to mean the very end, be that as it may, as there could simply conceivably be something new coming around the twist sooner rather than later.


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